Making the blockchain safer

Inspired by widely used platform Arkam Intelligence, bounty.tech is a new doxxing platform on which users can post Ethereum or $BOUNTY prizes to information that leads to the undoxxing of scammers, ruggers or other information. Helping to make the space cleaner and more transparent, simply connect your wallet to our platform and post a bounty of an individual whom you want the identity to or an address which you want to know the owner of. Users of our platform can submit the identity, along with proof, which will be reviewed by our team. If the proof is sufficient, the bounty is paid to the person who submitted the info. With our platform, we aim to make the space more transparent and make malicious actors think twice before tricking investors out of their money. Moreover, we aim to reward crypto sleuths, like ZachXBT, who often work for free now. Try our platform out today!

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